Christmas list

OCELOT: A very big box! Lovingly decorated! The card has no text but does have a lipstick-print kissmark. Inside the box, which apparently was just PRETENDING to be full of awesome presents, is a lump of coal. IF he throws the coal way or burns it (as one does with coal) that's that. However if, in a fit of rage, he breaks the coal, he will discover a codec number scrawled on a piece of paper that was stuffed into a crack in the coal.

THE BOSS: A shitload of bandages with her personal codec number written on it.

NAKED SNAKE: He will wake up on Christmas to her sleeping beside him and a package of exciting CUP RAMEN all ready to be made. And a bottle of wine. With a lipstick print on the side.

PARA-MEDIC: A copy of Non-Existant Animals of Louisiana

Total list:EVA
Riku Replica
Collector Manikin

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A built-in remedy

Stats & Permissions

Age: 28
Birthday: May 15, 1936
Height: 5'10" (and a quarter)
Weight: 149 lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty blond
Measurements: 36-23-34
Medical Info: LOLOLOL uh. Canonically her medical history includes a number of things that would have occurred during the time of MGS3. Although I'm apping her from VERY SOON AFTER THE END, some wold have healed up. I'll just drop a quick list in here with a note of whether or not she probably still has them.
*Proctitis (On the mend. Note that due to a lack of STDs in her canon medical history, I'm assuming this is probably due to anal damage, likely from Volgin anally violating her with his giant penis or with electrical shock. As is his wont.)
*Lower-Back Pain x4 (I'm guessing this is somewhat more on the mend now that she's not getting regularly raped, er, but probably at least a little chronic.)
*Blow Sustained x6 (On the mend if not mended)
*Electrical Burn (On the mend, will likely scar)
*Hypoxia (...I can't figure out the source except for her poor sleeping, so it's probably chronic.)
*Broken Nail (Mended.)
*Inner Ear Infection (On the mend.)
*Tick-borne Encephalitis (Presumably began treatment once she got back to base, as she definitely survives another 50 years without anything resembling brain damage, so on the mend or mended. Thankfully)
*Night Terror (Chronic.)
*Finger Sprain (Mostly mended.)
*Breast implants (permanent)
Abilities: Incredible trick driver on a motorbike. Crack shot with a gun. Great sense of balance; could juggle knives if she had to. Martial arts. Acting skills. Ability to continue to act sensibly while in shock. And that's not listing her skills in bed, though don't worry, if you ask, she will.
Notes for the Psychics: EVA is hiding a LOT. There are so many personas (not multiple personalities but personalities she's used to pretending to have) that reads will be complicated. You will probably never find out her real name even if you dig. You WILL find out she's actually been raised by the Chinese in a special multi-national spy combine if you dig, though.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Go for it, just ask first!
Maim/Murder/Death: Just ask first!
Cooking: She'd rather eat out, but she has a fondness for instant noodles. Mostly she eats out at more gourmet-style restaurants.
Kissing/Hugging: Absolutely!